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Visit from the west coast

January 6, 2009
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Webmaster here…Generally these are post written by the owner architect/construction foreman but as I have been to see this project for the second time I thought I would give you something from a different perspective.

We went out there the day before yesterday and it was about well really cold. The contractors were all working very hard inside though despite the lack of heat. We went through the house and looked at how everything was going to be put together. I liked the fact that it will be wide open in the middle and seems to be filled with light.

That does seem to be a theme that apparently has both aesthetic and sustainable design advantages; Light everywhere. Plus all the rooms have to have more than one light source. The appearance of the house was also somewhat deceiving because form the outside, it looks like it would be cold and dark inside but upon entrance it is very lit up and warmer than the outside despite the lack of heat. Looks like a good spot to fish too.

There was also the excitement of watching a very large backhoe get pulled out of the mud. It had been quite freezing for the previous couple of days so they thought it would be safe to drive this large piece of machinery over the frozen swamp. It turned out not to be quite cold enough and the thing sank almost to the top of the five foot high wheels. No problem though, they just used another crane like machine to pull the thing out of the half frozen mud, took about 15 minutes.

Good to see it all in person and I would hijack the house if I weren’t so urbanely inclined


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